Meet Our Staff


Divos Titanium is the Editor-in-Chief for Gallant Magazine. A long-time resident of Second Life, Divos has been a blogger for the Boystown Closet since 2010 and blogs for a number of SL’s most prestigious men’s fashion, home & garden stores and events. Divos serves as the Blogger Manager for SL’s most reknown creators: Apple Fall, Dust Bunny and Dufaux Mesh Boutique. He designed as a stylist for Love to Decorate Magazine before branching out to start Gallant Magazine in March of 2017. Divos and the Gallant team are dedicated to delivering the grid’s most stunning visual publication experience.


You can find Divos on Flickr, Facebook and at the Boystown Closet blog.


Vonda Volkov, Assistant Editor, joined the Gallant team with the July 2017 issue. While he is a recent newcomer to Second Life, he is no stranger to graphic design. Vonda has years of experience in visual art and his store Volkov Designs has created logos for a number of SL’s most beloved brands (Kinky Event, Cynful and Come Soon Poses – just to name a few!). Vonda has designed a number of virtual magazines in previous gaming platforms, and his amazing creativity has given Gallant Magazine one of the freshest and most innovative designs on the grid.


Vonda is on Flickr and Facebook.


Ritch Nicholls, Marketing Manager, spearheads the branding and marketing for Gallant Magazine. Ritch has extensive experience in the marketing arena, serving as the concierge for the Boystown sims, one of SL’s longest running and most successful communities.  He also managed a number of prominent brands, with the most recent being his own pose store Poseology. Ritch’s experience with promotion and branding across multiple social media platforms is integral in managing the Gallant Magazine website, Facebook, Flickr page, groups and more.


You can also find Ritch on Flickr and Facebook.


Gac Akina is the Artistic Director for Gallant Magazine and has partnered with the team since its inception. His exquisite photography has graced the cover of a number of Gallant issues. Gac is a skilled artist, delighting Second Life residences for years with his graphic art abilities. He initially partnered with Varonis owner Zara Suto to create Artaze, a photography studio that specialized in providing editing classes for the SL community. Gac recently took his skills a step further in the past year to open his own store, Stray Dog – SL’s most sought after store for male skins! Gac’s inspiring abilities ensure that Gallant Magazine delivers a visual masterpiece with each release!

Gac can be found on Flickr and Facebook.